Toronto - Sydney Flight Reviews

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Air Canada
32 total score
37 reviews
22% Recommended
19% Value for Money
2.1/5 Customer Service
Toronto-Sydney route
16 total score
2 reviews
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1.5/5 Customer Service
Thu, 08/10/2017 12:57 AM
From Pearson International Airport (Toronto) to Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney) via Vancouver International Airport (Vancouver)
1 out of 5
A terrible experience
My experience can be summarized below: 1. The flight from Toronto to Vancouver is 5 hours and I was shivering the entire flight. Why? Guess what, Air Canada doesnt think that you need a blanket for a 5 hours flight. I ended up catching a bad cold and coughing for a couple of weeks. 2. I asked for a cup of tea and then ask "Do you have sugar as well?" the flight attendant responded: "Yes we do but you didnt ask for it!" (with a very harsh tune). 3. I asked for a whiskey andthen asked for a coca cola, she responded: "Just tell me you want it mix" (again with a very harsh tune). 4. We were flying from Toronto to Vancouver and she kept us waiting till last minute before the gates were closed. She was asking whether we have visa for Australia (I am a permanent resident of Australia and anybody in the industry know that Australian PR visa is electronic). Above all, it was a domestic flight!!! Overall, the flight attendants were not kind and friendly. The service was terrible. The seats and leg space were reasonable.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Poor
Tue, 10/09/2012 07:16 AM
From Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney) to La Guardia Airport (New York) via Pearson International Airport (Toronto)
1 out of 5
Do not fly with Air Canada
Arrived at La Guardia airport to check in for flight from New York to Toronto. This flight was due to depart at 17:30, but was delayed to 18:15. We were not given any reason for this delay but assured that we would still be able to make our connecting flight from Toronto to Sydney (via Vancouver). We were finally boarded at 18:30 (15 minutes after scheduled take-off). We then sat on the tarmac for 3 hours. During this time the pilot announced that there was a maintenance issue with the plane and we would need to de-plane as this plane would not be flying tonight. He then advised that due to traffic issues it would take a long time to get back to the gate. The flight crew were unable to assist with any questions regarding connecting flights, at one point, one of them loudly explained that she “had no idea what was going on”. During this three hour wait, customers were not offered food or beverages. On your website you claim the following: In the case of delays of more than 60 minutes on the aircraft, when it is deemed safe, practical and legal, we will provide beverages and food. You'll also be free to use your cell phone or computer, and move around the cabin. This did not occur at any point. Once the plane was back at the gate, every passenger was directed to the Air Canada agents at the boarding gate. There were three agents at computers and at least four others also standing behind the desks. My fiancé and I went to the back of the line, which by that time was over 100 metres long. No Air Canada agents walked down the line to ask if any passengers had urgent connecting flights, or if they could wait for later flights for non-urgent travel. No agents walked down the line to check if passengers were okay or advise what the various alternatives available were. There was zero communication from any Air Canada staff until we got to the front of the line at approximately 23:00. As we were waiting at the front of the line, an Air Canada agent loudly complained that she wanted to go home. I understand that she may have had a long day, but complaining loudly in front of stranded passengers is unprofessional. We were finally served by an agent and advised that we had been re-booked onto a flight leaving New York on Sunday 7 October. My fiancé is a teacher and was required to be at work on Monday 8 October so this was not an option. We were advised that to be re-booked on another airline would require us to pay for a hotel out of pocket. This was also not an option. The agent was then able to advise that she could get us on flight to Toronto, leaving at 23:35, provide us with overnight accommodation in Toronto, and then re-direct us to Los Angeles from Toronto, where we would be booked onto a United Airlines Flight from LAX to Sydney. I received a printed itinerary from the agent which advised that our seats were confirmed for both flights. We flew to Toronto and were shuttled to the hotel. We returned to Toronto Airport at 14.30 to check in for our flight. It was here that I was informed by an Air Canada check-in agent that we were not booked for United Airlines flight. We were directed to the ticketing agent, who was next to useless. He refused to call United Airlines due to issues that Air Canada has been having with them and was unable to book us on any flights to Sydney. He advised that our best option was to go to LAX and see United Airlines to check if we could make the flight. As this was the only option presented to us by Air Canada we boarded the flight to Los Angeles, which as usual was late in taking off and landing. Upon arrival in LAX we were met by an Air Canada agent named Rosanna. She advised that we should run to the United Airlines Terminal (Terminal 7) to see if we could still make the flight. Upon arrival at Terminal 7, we were advised by United Airlines that Flight had been overbooked for days and our names did not even appear on their system. They apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused, but as we were not United Airlines customers we would need to go back to Air Canada for alternative arrangements. We returned to Air Canada Terminal 2 to find the Air Canada desks empty. We asked LAX security to contact an agent and Rosanna came to meet us. She was the most helpful Air Canada staff member we came across. She was understanding and empathetic to our situation and did all she could to help us. Her patience and wonderful customer service calmed us, in what was a very frustrating situation. Rosanna called a few Star Alliance airlines to see if we would be able to fly with them. All airlines were fully booked despite her repeated attempts to get us on any of their flights. The only available option was to book us an Air Canada flight to Vancouver. From Vancouver we would then be able to get to Sydney. As there were no economy flights available we were booked into business class. This was also a goodwill gesture to make up for Air Canada’s incompetence and inability to get us home in a timely fashion. Rosanna then advised that we would be given accommodation in Los Angeles for the night as well as accommodation for our day in Vancouver as it was past midnight by this time and we would need to meet her at 05:00 to check in for our flight. We arrived at LAX at 05:00 and Rosanna was there to check us in for our flights to Vancouver and Sydney. We thanked Rosanna for her assistance. I would like to thank her once again for her exceptional service and very much hope that you will be able to pass this on. Rosanna is an asset to your company and it is very unfortunate that she is the only Air Canada staff member with whom I have had such a positive experience. Upon arrival in Vancouver, we were directed to the Air Canada ticketing agent to be given our hotel and food vouchers. Once again we were confronted by another rude Air Canada employee who advised that he was not interested in what happened to us, told us that we were not really entitled to accommodation and food vouchers, nor were we entitled to business class tickets. The only reason he did not change this was because he could not be bothered. He also blamed United Airlines despite the fact that Air Canada was clearly at fault and not United Airlines. We were able to rest at the hotel and made our way to the gate. On arrival at the gate at approximately 22.00 we were advised that a document check was required. We gave the agent our passports and boarding passes. He advised that we would be able to use the Maple Lounge until boarding commenced. We arrived at the Maple Lounge and were advised that they would be able to change our seats so that we could sit together. Five minutes before boarding, we were called back to the desks to be given our new boarding passes. These passes now showed that we were sitting in Economy and not Business Class as previously advised. On questioning, the Air Canada staff in the lounge directed me to Mitch Dobbie. My experience with Mr Dobbie was the complete opposite of my experience with Rosanna. Mr Dobbie rudely advised that since we hadn’t paid for business class tickets we were not entitled to use them. It was not Air Canada policy to put Economy Class passengers in Business Class (no matter the circumstances) and that we were “given a false expectation”. Clearly Air Canada gave me the “false expectation” that I would arrive home on time and be given friendly, helpful service. Mr Dobbie refused to acknowledge Air Canada was at fault and after some discussion over the issue loudly exclaimed “If you aren’t happy with those seats I can just take your bags off the plane”. I acknowledge that my patience was wearing thin at that point and that I was angry, however, I am still a paying customer and refuse to be threatened with being stranded. Mr Dobbie’s behaviour was rude and completely uncalled for. It was unprofessional and took place in front of all passengers awaiting boarding. I hope that this feedback is also passed on to Mr Dobbie and his supervisor so that he can be informed that this type of behaviour is unacceptable. I would also like to add, that contrary to Mr Dobbie’s statement that Air Canada does not let Economy Class passengers get pushed up to Business Class, an Australian passenger we had met at the airport some days previously advised that he was now in Business Class after getting pushed off two other Air Canada flights. I have been very disappointed in my experience with Air Canada. Their airfare was not the cheapest available at time of purchase, but I chose to fly with them as I had heard many good things, not only about the airline, but about the service. With the exception of my experience with Rosanna at LAX, at no point did I feel that any Air Canada agent cared about my problem or make a concentrated effort to help me. We were simply passed from one person to another to get rid of us.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor