Toronto - Hong Kong Flight Reviews

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Hong Kong
Air Canada
32 total score
37 reviews
22% Recommended
19% Value for Money
2.1/5 Customer Service
Toronto-Hong Kong route
13.3 total score
2 reviews
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Sun, 02/17/2013 05:26 AM
From Pearson International Airport (Toronto) to Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong)
1 out of 5
Worst service ever
Air Canada provided the worst customer service I've ever experienced. A flight attendant shoved a family member and when we complained, we were told if we did not stop talking they would have us arrested. i will never fly with Air Canada again if I can help it.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor
Sat, 11/12/2011 03:55 PM
From Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong) to Pearson International Airport (Toronto)
1 out of 5
Upgrade Confusion
i was fully entitled to an upgrade from HKG to YYZ. there were a number of open seats. i am a Super Elite. i asked at AP in HKG why with the class of Y fare paid i did not get an upgrade, and was told the computer does it. i asked what the criteria was for establishing the upgrade sequense and was told they have no idea. i must write in. how can a person plan or understand the system when it is arbitrary and secrective. the criteria needs to be on the web. i was told that sometime Elite get upgraded ahead of SE if their fare structure was higher. i have always understadn that SE have 1st preference on upgrades. can AC please get this underlying issue cleared up. we deserve better. i have done 800K with AC over the years. no way to treat a customers.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor