Sydney - Moscow Flight Reviews

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Singapore Airlines
56.9 total score
23 reviews
48% Recommended
48% Value for Money
3/5 Customer Service
Sydney-Moscow route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Mon, 09/15/2014 02:17 AM
From Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney) to Domodedovo Airport (Moscow) via Changi Airport (Singapore)
1 out of 5
The worst airline company!
Singapore Airlines is the worst airlines I've ever flown!!! I will never fly with this Airlines! It's rewarded that SA is the best nowadays - and how crazy this reward could be! This Airlines is not the best at all - it is even the WORST I've ever flown with!!! And there are lots of complaints!!! 1. My trip was Sydney-Moscow through Singapore. When I made check-in in Sydney, the lady said that we'll have an additional stop in Bali! How come?! How it's possible?! For that amount of money!!! an additional stress! more over 'if my next flight from Singapore to Moscow in 2 hours! It means that I'll be late?' On what lady said that everything will be managed and all passengers will fly with there own registered flights without any delays. 2. I got the answer: 'We have a problem with a pilot!!! We need to change them in Bali!!!' How after that explanation it was possible to fly ever!!! What problem? Is he seek? Is he not a good pilot? or what??? As I needed to be in Moscow as soon as possible I couldn't refuse from the flight. And I flew... with a big stress!!! 3. In addition the flight in Sydney was delayed for 30 minutes. It meant that I had already only 1,5 hours time between flights in Sin, and an additional stop in Bali ahead! 4. Stop in Bali. Initially it was said that the stop will be for max 10-15 minutes. But we spent 1 hour there!!! More over in a stuffy hot conditions in the aircraft. Almost all passengers in this airplane had other flights from Singapore to other countries. That's why in the airplane it was announced that as you arrived to Singapore EVERYONE will be welcomed to the signed table with their further flights, even it was said that if you are really late - your next flight will be delayed, and you with an emergency coach/bus will be delivered to your plane. - and all passengers from this airplane, as they said many many times, will fly with their next registered flight. All airplane will wait you. 5. When we arrived to Singapore and left the plane, there was a huge mess. There were no administrators, no responsible persons, no one could give us the information where to go and what to do, and all people then understand that their flights are gone. The worst thing was that nobody in Singapore Airport knew about our flight from Sydney, that it was late and that passengers were told with the hope that they will be waited by airport staff. People were shouting and crying, and saying that they missed their flights, that they urgently needs to be in their final destinations for lots of personal reason. Then I found my group of passengers who flew to Moscow next. We were ~ 10-12 people. As no one could give us any information, we by ourselves went to find someone in the airport to ask about flight. It was late time, and it was hard to find someone. Then we found a lady working in Singapore Airport, we told her all situation, and she started to call for the Gate from where our next flight to Moscow was. While she was calling and explaining the situation, we with her went by train to another terminal. We came to our Gate only 15 mins late and no one was waiting for us and even know about us, that we were late but not for our reason. Only 15 mins!!! and plain had gone! Nobody from Sydney conveyed the info to Singapore. 6. Then we found out that next flight to Moscow will be only in 1 DAY!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine?!! When you already needs to be urgently in Moscow in 10 hours... 7. After that not really polite representative of Singapore Airlines found the quickest trip to Moscow for us - it was through Bangkok (Thailand)!!! The flight was in 5 hours! And then we had an additional waiting time in Bangkok also. All together I had 4 flights!!! Sydney-Bali-Singapore-Bangkok-Moscow!!! I was in a huge stress, I'd never felt so bad! I suffered from a terrible headache for more than 1 week after all this!!! And all that was served by the so-called ''the best airline company''!!! Never ever fly with Singapore Airlines for such amount of money, and for such a terrible service I could ever imagine!!!
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor