Seattle - Toronto Flight Reviews

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Air Canada
32.4 total score
36 reviews
22% Recommended
19% Value for Money
2.1/5 Customer Service
Seattle-Toronto route
20 total score
2 reviews
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1.5/5 Customer Service
Thu, 07/10/2014 02:04 AM
From Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Seattle) to Pearson International Airport (Toronto)
1 out of 5
The. Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.
Here is how I experienced Air Canada today: 1. Two different check-in kiosks were inoperable due to lack of ability to read passports (other Air Canada customers behind me experience the same issue). So I had to get in line despite having no luggage to check. 2. The person checking me in (I do not have her name) asked me if I had any luggage to check in. I indicated that I didn’t. The person then curtly expressed skepticism that one of my bags was the appropriate dimension. The bag in question is a standard-sized carryon manufactured by Tumi, and quite clearly meets the maximum dimensions. (This is the first pushback I have received relative to this bag from any airline.) 3. At the gate, the personnel repeatedly reminded customers that a card needed to be properly filled out before boarding. Several times gate personnel repeated, ‘’I know you are not listening. We need you to listen.’’ Other passengers around me were as surprised as I at this repetitive and unnecessary condescension. 4. The woman sitting next to me on the flight agreed that the gate personnel were rude. She also relayed to me that the check-in personnel were more so. She was travelling with two children, and presented her family’s passports (thoughtfully opened to the picture pages) and pre-printed boarding passes to the check-in person. The check-in woman abruptly told her that she should have sorted the passports and boarding passes by person, rather than by document type. My seatmate was understandably taken aback. 5. I was in coach, travelling with a sport coat. When I passed the business class area, I noticed that the business class cabin was about a third full, and that the closet had plenty of room to hang my jacket. Once I got to my seat, I asked the coach cabin attendant if she would be so kind as to hang my coat up in the front. She demurred, stating that there may not be enough room. I informed her (nicely) that the business class section was sparsely populated and that I would appreciate it if she would take the coat, as there was probably plenty of room. 6. The coach flight attendant, without taking my coat, discussed my request with the business class attendant (Alex is his name) and received a firm ‘’no’’ due to the fact there was no room. Your coach attendant then informed me there was no room. 7. Knowing that there was plenty of room, I walked to the business class area and hung up my jacket. There was enough room for several more jackets in addition to mine. Alex turned to me and I noted to him that there was plenty of room. Alex then asked me with more than a note of sarcasm, ‘’what about your luggage’’? I responded that my luggage was secure. (I have no idea what the intent of Alex’s question was, as at this time all luggage was secure and all overhead bins were closed. I suppose he thought I was going to ask to move my luggage to business class?) 8. Once I compared my experience with that of my seatmate, I asked the coach attendant for the first name of the business class attendant. She actually refused to provide me the name. Her reaction was both immature and obviously untrained and unprofessional. Her nervous, giggly response; ‘’what do you want to use it for? I can’t get in the middle of this. I can’t give you his name, I don’t feel comfortable doing that. You will have to ask him.’’ 9. Basic beverages were depleted before the end of the 2nd beverage round. Tomato juice, ginger ale and club soda were gone. Oh, coach ran out of paper towels as well. 10. My seatmate noted that no passengers in our area were warned about the cart coming through. My seatmate (now seated on the aisle in front of me) nearly had her foot run over. 11. Many, but not most, of the personnel didn’t smile, didn’t make eye contact and came across as impersonal. Some of them, noted above, were rude.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor
Wed, 09/26/2012 02:02 PM
From Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (Athens) to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Seattle) via Pearson International Airport (Toronto)
2 out of 5
Please clean toilets at least once on each flight. All you have to do is clean up paper...not room to dispose of towels. 1400$ 16 hour flight, seat did not recline, no pillows available except to purchase! We were exhausted and very uncomfortable.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Poor