Reykjavik - Dusseldorf Flight Reviews

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34.5 total score
36 reviews
22% Recommended
39% Value for Money
1.8/5 Customer Service
Reykjavik-Dusseldorf route
18.7 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
2/5 Customer Service
Mon, 09/12/2016 06:39 AM
From Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles) to Dusseldorf Airport (Dusseldorf) via Keflavik International Airport (Reykjavik)
1 out of 5
No Accountability
WOW failed to load my luggage. It stayed behind at LAX, and it took WOW 4 days to reunite me with my bag. So far so bad. It get's worse. My bag, clothes, and equipment were returned to me badly damaged with perforation holes, scratches, and gashes. I had purchased the bag and camping/surfing equipment just prior to my trip. After 2 months of back and forth with the WOW luggage department- dealing with lost and delayed luggage- I have now given up on any financial compensation for damaged luggage and the cost I occurred purchasing toiletries, clothes, shoes, jacket, etc. WOW even went so far to ask me to approach my credit card for compensation first. I was not even the worst off. A family with little children had no stroller, a couple on a booked hiking trip had no equipment, an elderly lady was asked to wait for at least an hour for her luggage, although she was hardly able to stand, and we had to help her with seating arrangements, contacting her hotel, filing forms while she was waiting. So many people without their luggage were not receiving any help. Poor attitude was shown by the WOW ground reps. On a minor note: I continued with WOW to Dusseldorf but decided to send my luggage back with my son on another airline, just to be safe. The total hours of delayed flights from LAX to KEF to DUS and return: 9.5 hours. Unfortunately, this fly-by-night airline is untrustworthy and utterly unprofessional in dealing with customers. Low budget airline should not mean low attitude towards service. I loved my Iceland trip despite the financial losses and will return with my family. WOW will not be part of any future travels. Really a shame, because WOW looked like a viable alternative for our regular trips to Europe. Lost baggage department operates out of India. They communicate in poor English and do not respond coherently.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Poor