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OPO Porto Airport

Portugal FlagPorto
Latitude: 41.237171
Longitude: -8.673412
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First and Last time with Ryanair
1 out of 5
Aside from the poor value for money once all the additional extras like hand luggage had been taken into account, the wh...read more
Portugal FlagPortugal
0 mi / 0 km
Portugal FlagPortugal
172 mi / 277 km
» A traveler has already reviewed this airport:
Waiting, waiting, bad organization, lost baggages
1 out of 5
Passport control ; one and a half hour when arriving. More than one our of waiting for another passport control for a tr...read more
Spain FlagSpain
272 mi / 438 km
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Don't buy duty free at your departure airport if you are travelling onward from Madrid
2 out of 5
Passengers travelling from Montevideo via Madrid to other destinations bought duty free items including wine and spirits...read more
Portugal FlagPortugal
294 mi / 473 km
» A traveler has already reviewed this airport:
I got out of there!
2 out of 5
Faro airport is small and from an arrival perspective it was very quick - though I did travel at a quiet time of year. ...read more
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