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3.1 out of 5
Latitude: 52.825768
Longitude: -1.330911
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"A great, friendly local airport which deserves so much more!"


East Midlands Airport is a great little airport which actually now isn't all that little and has grown to quite a considerable size. There are very few faults with this airport and almost guarantees a nice and easy journey for people who have a great advantage of having this as their local airport, like myself. It's a shame the airport only attracts local people as it deserves to be used and appreciated on a national level.

The terminal is well layed out and is clean and spacious, all of which is vital for a stress free journey and has been modernised in the departure lounge in recent years. Check-in/bag-drop desks are easy to find quickly and easily and Ryanair virtually have their own separate hall for their flights with very few other flights here and everything else checks in at the adjacent hall. It can depend on the airline, but usually check-in/bag-drop takes 10 or 15 minutes and is a breeze.

Security is never really any hassle. The general allowances such as 100ml of liquid maximum per item is obviously the same as all other airports. The queuing times are very quick, in fact at quiet times, sometimes there isn't really a queue but at the busiest times, queues rarely exceed 10 minutes. Security staff are extremely friendly as well, especially with children.

One thing that this airport lacks a little is a wide range of shops, food outlets and restaurants. Most are located in the departure lounge where there is a decent range but with a limited choice before security and in arrivals, but still good considering the size of the airport. The service provided in these facilities is excellent with good staff and customer service in most. Toilets, Currency exchange and many other facilities are present also throughout the entire airport. Even the Live flight information screens are great, with precise instructions and are ideally located.

Passport control is a quick and easy with minimal queues but at peak times can take up 10 or 15 minutes at the very worst. In fact, the only downside of this is that at quiet times, it’s often so fast that it means a bit of a wait for baggage reclaim, as you reach the baggage reclaim hall so quickly. If travelling without hold baggage then this is great and could go from plane to outside arrivals in less than 15 minutes!

Baggage reclaim is a little on the slow side but like mentioned, fast passport control in theory means a longer wait for bags, so the airport is really not slow as delivering bags at all. The reclaim belts are the usual type where bags go through the rubber flaps in the wall and keep going in and out until reclaimed, which can mean a long wait for it to get back round if you miss it, but really isn’t too much of a problem.

Transport to and from the airport is satisfactory but could be better. The nearest railway station is East Midlands Parkway where regular trains to Notting, Leicester and beyond can be caught, but is a few miles away. Busses and coaches also run regularly into Nottingham in particular as well as Leicester and Derby. Taxis can also be found easily and is a wide range of car hire companies on site and many other onward transport options. The airport is located close junction 23a and 24 of the M1, which allows for fantastic road access to places up and down the country.

Overall, East Midlands is a great local airport which is likely to give a very enjoyable and pleasant and stress free start or finish to your journey with its great accessibility, excellent layout and short queuing times.

Facilities: Good
Check-In Area: Excellent
Security Level: High
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