New York - Atlanta Flight Reviews

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Mon, 10/27/2014 09:58 AM
From La Guardia Airport (New York) to Fort Lauderdale International Airport (Fort Lauderdale) via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta)
3 out of 5
Mostly good trips on Delta.
I selected the flights and managed to get them paid for on line using my Mauritius issued Credit Card and all this from Mauritius. I did it myself on the easy to use Delta Website. I booked well in advance to be sure of flights and seats selection. A couple of weeks after selecting, booking and paying I had an email informing me of a schedule change on the outward journey. It also involved a complete change of equipment and seats. I accepted the equipment changes (from a 737-800 and 757-200 to an MD88 and 737-900, and managed to re-select the seats I wanted). Later on there was another schedule change alert sent-but this time it was just a new timing for the flight- at one hour later from the original time Baggage. The fares on Delta are very reasonable (in my opinion) and offer a much better deal than using American (BA’s partner airline in the One World Alliance.) All hold baggage has to be paid for –only carry aboard baggage goes included in the fare (nothing is for 'free' despite what they tell you). There was another slight snag as my travel companion noticed a one letter omission on the ticket print out – no ‘s’ on the end of his middle name. So I emailed Delta to ask if this was likely to be a problem at check in. They replied with the rules-i.e. names on identity document and tickets must match – but kindly added –‘don’t worry you will be OK at check-in’ which was a comfort. So we did an online check in from our Hotel. It worked out OK. Saturday Sept 27th 2014. Baggage drop at Le Guardia Delta Terminal was easily done. Nice flight in an MD90 all on time. Delta offer you a complimentary soft drink or coffee and the famous Delta ‘Cookies’. The flight from Atlanta to or Lauderdale was in one of Delta’s new Boeing 737.900ER’s skillfully and smoothly piloted through some stormy weather. Very good IFE and Maps on the touch seat back screen. Next Flights Oct 5th 2014 Fort Lauderdale-to Los Angeles via Detroit. These sectors also underwent schedule & equipment changes in the weeks prior to flight. These changes even took by surprise and were not registered on their site. The MD88 from FLL-DTW became a 757-200 and the flight from DTW to LAX changed time, changed flight number (from DL1223 to DL19) and equipment- from a B767-300 to a B757. FLL to DTW was notable for the fact that the Captain retrieved some dollar bills that fell from my pocket in security- and even remembered to remind me of the event as we left the plane at DTW. Very good flight and excellent- (indeed- exceptional) Flight deck announcements about things to see on the ground on the route. Check in at FLL was exclusively on self op machines with only baggage tags needing assistance from a counter clerk. Elderly travellers may find this a bit daunting. I noted that on the flight from DTW-LAX my carefully chosen seat requests had been arbitrarily changed without my being notified . DELAY The flight DL 19 on Sunday October 5th was announced as being delayed due to the fact that the flight crews were operating another flight which was due to arrive in DTW 15 minutes before our scheduled departure time. This situation became worse when the crew did not turn up at all. What happened to Delta’s rostering !! A good question. And this, for a flight that had originated in London (DL19 LHR-DTW-LAX) Public address announcements were made- requesting the missing crew- by name (!) to report for duty. No one turned up Eventually after over an hour of waiting, of the cabin crew needed, only three of the four required for a 757 turned up and it seemed that after a two hours delay and wait that an off duty member was hauled in at short notice. Eventually we got away, only to land late at a very busy LAX and find the assigned gate already occupied and a wait of 15 minutes for the gate to be free and then a towing in to enable us to disembark. Passengers who were due to connect/transit to flights to Australia and New Zealand must have missed their flights. Apart from this incident, all my Delta flights were OK
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Satisfactory