Mexico City - Puerto Vallarta Flight Reviews

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Mexico City
Puerto Vallarta
15.7 total score
16 reviews
0% Recommended
13% Value for Money
1.1/5 Customer Service
Mexico City-Puerto Vallarta route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Thu, 01/22/2015 02:07 PM
From John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York) to Ordaz International Airport (Puerto Vallarta) via Juarez International Airport (Mexico City)
1 out of 5
Worst Airline Ever
HORRIBLE! If you are considering flying this airline because of the price - DON'T DO IT! Flight times were changed 8 times between purchase and travel - at one point they had us arriving in MX City after our connecting flight already departed. On day of travel my husband's bag was lost and layover in MX City was so short that once we got through customs we had to run to ticket counter to check in again which they wouldn't let us do as there was not enough time for our bags to get to the plane. They told us to run to security and take all of our luggage directly to the gate. We had seven people in our party including 3 elderly family members. No one helped. Security confiscated all of our toiletries etc, then gate agent was hostile when I ran ahead to hold the plane so my 75 year old mother didn't have to sprint through the airport. Once on the plane stressed, sweaty and angry, we sat on the tarmac for an hour. Upon arrival all of us had to replace out toiletries and my husband had to buy clothes. The airline has not responded to requests to reimburse us. On our return trip my uncle was scheduled for a different flight leaving earlier than the rest of us. He boarded in Puerto Vallarta with a direct ticket to JFK and his bags were checked through to NY. In MX City they pulled him off the plane and told him his ticket wasn't valid. They sent him to the ticketing counter who asked for his immigration card - he didn't have it as they took it from him when he boarded in PV. They sent him to the immigration counter to get a new one where they charged him $25 to get it but had to send him to the exchange counter first b/c he didn't have enough pesos and they wouldn't accept dollars. So after exchanging money, getting a new immigration card, going back to ticket counter, his flight to NY was gone. Counter agents called a supervisor who told them HIS ORIGINAL TICKET WAS IN FACT VALID!!! So all of the runaround, stress, inconvenience and financial costs were unnecessarily caused by the airline and exacerbated by them. They scheduled him for a flight 8 hours later than his original one with a HANDWRITTEN NOTE ON HIS ORIGINAL BOARDING PASS. Are you kidding me?? he found the rest of us during our layover and I attempted to get him scheduled on our flight instead leaving 3 hours sooner. They flatly refused while looking me right in the face with zombie eyes telling me they were helping me. No wonder MX is still a third world country. No help, no responsibility, no sense of urgency, no concern whatsoever for problems originating from their total incompetence. I was forced to leave my elderly uncle behind alone - hoping he would in fact get on that later flight. When he finally arrived in NY his bag did not show up as it had come in on the original flight. When he tried to explain this to the Aeromexico baggage manager, he didn't care to hear it and told him to WAIT FOR THE NEXT FLIGHT FROM MEXICO and see if it was on there. After pressing the issue and nearly making a scene, the agent was forced to look for his bag which he did find b/c as I said - it came in on his original flight. I also had to arrange for private transportation for the two hour trip from the airport home to the tune of $250. These people are total idiots - and if you have any problems, which is highly likely, they will do nothing to help you and only make the situation worse. Not to mention that they refuse to make any compensation whatsoever for any costs we incurred because of their sloppy, inept operation.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor