Mexico City - Cancun Flight Reviews

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Mexico City
15.4 total score
9 reviews
0% Recommended
11% Value for Money
1.1/5 Customer Service
Mexico City-Cancun route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Wed, 01/25/2012 01:34 AM
From Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles) to Cancun Airport (Cancun) via Juarez International Airport (Mexico City)
1 out of 5
Over 2 months ago I flew with aeromexico and upon my arrival in cancun I noticed that my luggage was broken into and that many of my personal items were stolen out of my luggage. AEROMEXICO HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! Don't even bother trying to call them to get a refund, don't bother emailing either because they will never email you back. This is what I have been going through for the past 2 months. I finally thought it was over when 2 weeks ago I finally spoke with somebody in the claims department who would be processing my refund. He took down my information and my credit card information and said that I would be receiving a confirmation email that day about the transaction; I never received an email. A week later I call and was told that I would have to give the claims department another week before I received my confirmation email. Today I call and customer service has no idea what I am talking about, my file/case # still says that my case is still under review. Completely ridiculous, unacceptable and much more that is too inappropriate to type out. Do they care? NO!!! I have to call back next week to get a status on my claim.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor