Melbourne - Houston Flight Reviews

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Delta Air Lines
51.9 total score
27 reviews
52% Recommended
48% Value for Money
2.7/5 Customer Service
Melbourne-Houston route
46.7 total score
1 review
100% Recommended
100% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Thu, 01/18/2018 04:13 AM
From Melbourne International Airport (Melbourne) to Hobby Airport (Houston) via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta)
1 out of 5
I like Delta normally but NOT this time!
I realize the snow and ice caused a LOT of problems. HOWEVER, on 1/17/2018, you canceled my sister's flight (2488), while on the MLB tarmac after delaying it almost two hours due to the weather etc. Since she was on the tarmac awaiting take off she could not get off and stay at home in Melbourne FL., and catch the flight out the next day. This all happened AFTER her flight 729/2488 was canceled on Tuesday (1/16/2018). She WAS NOT placed on any standby or the next flight out #699 which was still sitting in ATL waiting for delayed take-off to HOU. She arrived at ATL while #699 was still at the ATL gate. Gate C-34 had ONE ticket agent working and my sister told the agent three separate times nicely that her flight 2488 had been cancelled and that she needed to be booked on #699. The agent did NOT attempt to book her on 699 at all...nor did he attempt to help her or others until he got all the other passengers on the plane or on standby as well. Then when this agent "attempts" to help people who are stranded there because DELTA DID NOT AUTOMATICALLY PUT MY SISTER ON FLIGHT #699 WHEN HER FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED ...this TOTAL lack of continuity of events could have been prevented IF DELTA DID THEIR JOB PROPERLY! The sole working agent (which is ridiculous) to have only one agent working told my sister she would have to wait and catch the flight after 1 pm to HOU.......he latter eventually, said, (after she asked if what about the morning flights)....after looking on the computer he said, can book her on the flight that leaves around 0800 am in the morning. What if my sister did not ask about morning flights....that non-caring/incompetent ticket agent would be having my sister wait till the catch a flight that is ALL DELTA's fault for causing the problem in the first place. What really makes this extremely bad is that she only had enough medications for 1 extra day...and as of 1/17/2018 she is out of her medications and they are back in Houston where she would be, IF DELTA DID THEIR JOB CORRECTLY and booked her AUTOMATICALLY on the next flight (#699) while the flight was on the tarmac in Melbourne FL. Now DELTA YOU ARE CAUSING MY SISTER (Melissa K. Campbell), to sit in that airport, in those semi-padded seats for almost 12 hours without her medications NEEDLESSLY!!!!!!!!!! Passenger name Melissa K. Campbell reservation GXGQD6
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Very Poor