Mauritius - Dubai Flight Reviews

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54.3 total score
33 reviews
45% Recommended
55% Value for Money
2.9/5 Customer Service
Mauritius-Dubai route
84 total score
2 reviews
100% Recommended
100% Value for Money
3.5/5 Customer Service
Mon, 07/20/2015 03:49 PM
From S. Seewoosagur Ram. International Airport (Mauritius) to Gatwick Airport (London) via Dubai Airport (Dubai)
3 out of 5
plane was ok dubai airport is horrible
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Poor
Mon, 10/08/2012 09:19 AM
From S. Seewoosagur Ram. International Airport (Mauritius) to Heathrow Airport (London) via Dubai Airport (Dubai)
5 out of 5
I think Boeing selected the best design option for ‘double’ deck mega jumbo’s.
As I hate night flights I chose to do the Mauritius –London sector in stages. An evening flight to Dubai.(Thursday and Saturdays-EK 3701 leaving Mauritius at 18.20) with a two night stopover in Dubai and then a day flight (EK 5) departing Dubai at 14.15 to London Terminal 3. However a Dubai 96 hour visa on my Mauritian Passport sells at 50UKL a pop so I shall think twice before doing it again. A friend told me once whispered to me- Go to Dubai but Don’t buy. I have remembered it, Customer service at the Emirates Mauritius office was impeccable. Polite, quick and efficient. I couldn’t have asked for better. One slight hic was when I was informed a couple of days before leaving that the seat I had requested 6 months in advance (when I paid my ticket)was not available on the 777 type that would now operate the service. So be informed that 49AB JK is not available on some of Emirates 777-300’s & this is not always clear on the website seat map provided for the flight. . I was moved to 48B. Not what I wanted but not the end of the world. I was still in the two abreast seats at the rear of the Economy cabin. The EK flight Mauritius Dubai was absolutely full- on time and OK. Cabin service and flight deck announcements all perfect. Some of the Mauritian cabin crew assigned to the service made the trip extra friendly. At Dubai’s most modern International airport I was surprised to notice that we were bussed from the Ramp to the Arrivals Terminal. Also , even at that time of night we got snarled up in ramp traffic and runway crossings and the trip took a full 20 minutes. Two days later and I checked in on-line for the EK5 Dubai to London. An Airbus 380. I had selected at seat at the front of the economy cabin. I was looking forward to the A380 and have to confess that I was disappointed. I am mystified by the design of the nose section of the A380 which seems to be designed round a large staircase, which uses up a huge area of airborne real estate and which it seemed, no one used! (On the flight I was on it was roped off). The upper deck passengers on Emirates A380’s(first and business) are boarded by an upper deck ramp and the main deck passengers (economy) board through main desk ramps. No one uses this huge staircase,either during boarding or during the flight. The boarding announcements at Dubai were too loud , distorted and incomprehensible. I do not like the Ovoid shape of the A380 fuselage. The A380 has more space ,but often it is wasted space. It is not where you want it! For instance, whereas the seat pitch is the same cramped up for legroom as any other aircraft, but there is increased space is between the window seat and the cabin wall- where you don’t want it. To reach the overhead comfort controls- you have to stand up to reach them which is difficult when wearing a seat belt. This is not a plane to fly if you want the view. To see out of the windows- you have to crane your neck. On the upper deck you hit a pane of Plexiglas a full four inches away from the window, and that after leaning across a storage cabinet. A bit better than the main deck, but not much. The siting of the cockpit mid-deck seems to me to result in a lot of wasted space especially on the upper deck.. The forward toilets on the main deck are up a mini staircase and on exiting the toilet it is like coming out on stage and one is conscious of rows and rows of eyes examining ones posture and clothing adjustments! In my opinion Boeing made the best option for design on the 747 with a double bubble shape- and the cockpit firmly sited on the upper deck and passengers seated on the lower deck-right up into the nose. The Staircase on the 747-400’s is discreetly sited in the galley structure, and is used! However the cabin of the A380 is noticeably quiet – much quieter than the rear area of the 777. The A380 also seems to have wider seats than the cramped cabin of the 10 abreast seating that Emirates has opted for its 777’s. Sorry Airbus, but if I have the choice on Long Haul. , I would choose the B747 over the A380 every time. Sorry Boeing but I would chose the A330 or the A340 over the B777 every time. This is mainly because of the amount of two abreast seating available in the Airbus Aircraft. (and yes I do know that the 767 also has lots of two abreast seating, which is so much more comfortable on long haul). As Airbus advert states- after climbing over 35,000 ft who wants to climb over four more !
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Excellent