Manchester - Munich Flight Reviews

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48.6 total score
28 reviews
43% Recommended
50% Value for Money
2.5/5 Customer Service
Manchester-Munich route
40 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
100% Value for Money
2/5 Customer Service
Tue, 08/12/2014 10:51 AM
From Manchester International Airport (Manchester) to Franz Josef Strauss Airport (Munich)
2 out of 5
bag drop chaos
I found it difficult to give an overall rating to this trip. The flight was punctual, the aircraft cabin was clean and tidy, the on-board staff were very pleasant. So, should I give the company a high rating? Unfortunately the answer is "no" due to the terrible, chaotic and stressful bag-drop at Manchester airport. As I'd checked in online and only needed to hand in my hold luggage I thought that it wouldn't take long. I was wrong. I queued for one and a half hours. I had arrived at the airport two and a half hours before the flight, which was just as well as otherwise I might have missed the flight. A lot of the time there was only one person processing the luggage. Ridiculous. There was an announcement asking passengers for certain flights to come to the front of the queue. By that time I was near the front anyway and the passengers who were further back in the queue came right to the front and overtook me, even though I was queueing for the same flight. I can't believe the complete lack of regard given to this aspect of the journey by easy jet. They do not make it "easy" at all and I am astounded at the way they run their business. I cannot recommend the company at all, which is a shame given that the flight itself was good.
Recommended: No
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Poor