Los Angeles - Johannesburg Flight Reviews

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Los Angeles
South African Airways
41.5 total score
7 reviews
29% Recommended
43% Value for Money
2/5 Customer Service
Los Angeles-Johannesburg route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Tue, 06/21/2011 11:04 PM
From Los Angeles International Airport (Los Angeles) to Johannesburg International Airport (Johannesburg) via John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York)
1 out of 5
Luggage Break-Ins
Our initial flight was cancelled from JFK to JNB the night before we were due to leave the US, but we weathered that, our next leg was delayed by an hour or so from JNB to HDS, we weathered that too, but from JNB to Livingstone, out of 15 people traveling, the airline personnel broke into 10 pieces of our luggage, and not once in all the 10 legs we took, in all the airports we complained in, all the personnel we complained to, did a SAA employee treat this with any kind of a serious issue, including when we came home and tried to deal with it here. They made us feel bad for putting anything of value in our suitcases. They told us that employees scan the luggage and then know exactly which pieces to break into. If they know this, why don't they stop it right there and put either more security there, or more cameras? For them to have rifled through 10 pieces of luggage, this took time, which tells me it was not an individual person, but an entire ring of thieves. Only if you wish to spend the time, go back to the airport, file an immediate report, waste several hours of your VERY precious vacation time, will they do anything about compensating you for damaged luggage. But you can kiss goodbye anything that may have been stolen. In very fine print, they mention not packing any electronics, cameras, computers or cell phones, but if you didn't read the VERY fine print, they will crucify you that you packed anything of value in your luggage to begin with, and let you know that clearly this is your fault. Make sure to take anything you value or cherish in your carry-on, and don't bother locking your luggage, they'll just snip the lock In every other way, they were a great airline, movies, flight attendants, food, seating space, cleanliness, but it definitely ruined the mood that they had so much theft.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor