Las Vegas - Denver Flight Reviews

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Las Vegas
Spirit Airlines
22.1 total score
35 reviews
9% Recommended
9% Value for Money
1.5/5 Customer Service
Las Vegas-Denver route
56.7 total score
2 reviews
50% Recommended
50% Value for Money
3/5 Customer Service
Sat, 05/25/2013 08:58 PM
From Denver International Airport (Denver) to McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
5 out of 5
A Very Good Trip
After reading all the poor reviews, I was very skeptic about our upcoming trip. What a surprise our family received. We received excellent treatment from the staff at counter in Denver to the flight attendants on this flight. Our flight left a few minutes early, besides air turbulence we had an excellent flight. The counter staff at Las Vegas and the Flight Attendants on our flight back from Las Vegas were excellent also. Again we left a few minutes early. On charges for bags, all charges are stated in the literature and the staff also made sure we understood all baggage fees. We would fly again and recommend.
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Excellent
Tue, 10/23/2012 11:12 PM
From Denver International Airport (Denver) to McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
1 out of 5
Oh Spirit Airlines…well, much like everyone else, I highly recommend flying with ANYONE ELSE! We were on a flight from Denver to Vegas, while waiting in line to check in they informed us that our flight had been canceled and that they could not fly us out until tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, we were not as flexible as some of the other customers, we had already spent $600 on events/hotel for that night, and therefore I did not want to just be out that much money. A Spirit employee informed us that our returning flights would not be affected; we could try to get on with a different airline today if there were any seats available, and that they would give every customer round-trip vouchers to anywhere they fly internationally or domestically. Considering we had stuff planned in Vegas that we wanted to get to, we hurried and booked a flight through SouthWest (one-way), for $400 more then we paid for our roundtrip flight through Spirit. Considering we booked the flight very last minute, we were not surprised to have had to pay so much for a one-way flight. When we were leaving Vegas we went to get our tickets and they informed us that our returning flights had been canceled because we were not on the original flight that we had booked. We saw six other guests that were supposed to be on our flight from Denver to Vegas and were supposed to be on the same flight from Vegas to Denver, who also had their returning flights canceled without being informed. We were supposed to leave Sunday, but they said that the earliest they could get us out would be Tuesday. When you’re in Vegas, staying an extra two nights is expensive when you consider just the hotel, meal, and taxi fares. Finally after spending six hours at the Las Vegas Airport trying to deal with them they said they would put us up in a hotel and give us a meal voucher for dinner ($7 for two people to share, that can only be redeemed in Denny’s or the hotels gift shop). We still had to buy returning tickets, which we used our free round trip vouchers for; by free round trip vouchers they mean $50. So therefore, we still had to spend money on one-way tickets. We finally got on standby!! YAY! As for the flight, the seats are so cramped it is ridiculous. I am 5’7” and I HAD to sit up straight the whole time or else I was in my neighbor’s space. They also have outrageous bags fees, you have to pay for carry-ons and regular checked bags and it is not cheap! They also do not give out refreshments on anything on the flight; it is $3 for soda or water. Their flights might be cheap but you are better off paying a little more with any other company initially, you will make up the extra amount of money with what you spend in baggage fees, refreshments, being comfortable, and having peace of mind throughout your traveling experience. Oh and they charge you $5 to have the person checking you in print off your boarding pass instead of going to the kiosk and printing off yourself. It doesn’t make sense to nickel and dime your customers when you know that it will upset them and make them regret using your company to begin with. Not once did Spirit Airlines call or email me to tell me my flight was canceled, my returning flight was canceled, or that they refunded my money. You would think that they would like to keep you informed. When we had to switch to SouthWest they called us to tell us that the gate we needed to be at had been changed, something we could easily figure out on our own. You would think Spirit would try to keep their customers informed especially on whether you will be flying to where you need to go or not!
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor