Kuwait - Amsterdam Flight Reviews

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29.7 total score
27 reviews
19% Recommended
22% Value for Money
1.7/5 Customer Service
Kuwait-Amsterdam route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Mon, 07/01/2013 08:08 PM
From Kuwait International Airport (Kuwait) to Manchester International Airport (Manchester) via Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)
1 out of 5
Call yourself royal airline?
Absolutley discusting klm should be ashamed of themselves first time me and my husband flew with klm! Checked in at kuwait and were told we couldn't possibly sit together even though we had booked 8 months in advance wouldnt a woman and a man booking together would suggest we would like to sit next to one another silly me! As soon as we boarded the plane the faces of the flight attendants left something to be desired! A smile perhaps? In the frount pocket of my husbands seat was a half eaten sandwich and a dirty tissue and in mine a slice of cheese i got my phone to take a picture! Our connecting flight was in Amsterdam so we waited near to the gate and had a drink and a pastry we only had an hours wait as we ventured towards the gate security was super busy when we arrived at the gate on time as the boarding pass stated we were told our flight was already leaving wtf! And it had boarded early we didnt no what to say and were pushed along to the transfer desk no time to plowed out case we has to dish out 48 euros each on top of the 500 Gbp we had already shelled out per person what a great start to our HONEYMOON we were then assured that our luggage would arrive in Manchester on the flight we had just transferred onto. When we arrived in Manchester guess what! No luggage! And were told that if it did arrive that evening they would courier it to our home in wales! When we arrived home we called the airport to check nobody knew anything and had not even bothered to contact Amsterdam! Atleast 5 hours passed i was panicking as we were flying out the following evening to Singapore i need clean clothes! Another 2 hour phone all later a very rude young man informed us our luggage could possibly be in its way to New York and could offer us 200 euros and when the luggage was retained would send it to Singapore! Refused to let me speak to higher management i will not tell u the words that were exchanged between my husband and the rude young man! Finally the next evening after shopping all day just to have some fresh clean clothes on a phone call was made to check on the luggage "oh yes mrs bakkar your luggage was found yesterday afternoon we forgot to call you our mistake can you collect it from the airport?" My reply you get someone i dont care who it is if my luggage is not here in 1 hour all hell is going to break loose! Finally got our luggage back! After a fantastic honeymoon to Singapore and Bali on Singapore airlines we returned home for a few days then the dreaded time came back to kuwait where we work on klm! Check in awful miserable faces yet again reached Amsterdam for connecting flight where you have to print your own boarding pass on a blue machine well the bloody blue machines wernt working with one very aggressive klm staff screaming at costumes use the blue machines its not hard! I felt like screaming back at him their not working u thick shit but why should i lower myself! There were 5 women sat at the desk gossiping obviously to idle to do their job. Finally it was our turn to collect our boarding passes where she proceed to tell us our flight ws leaving in 10 minutes another lady at the side of me asked one of the staff please can you help me with the machine. It won't print my ticket the woman behind the seat brashly told her its not my job and turned away! Customer service is not in their job description lets just say the flight back to kuwait was a long and painful one! My husband ordered 3 vodka with tonic and then was refused anymore alcohol because the flight attendant told him that he was only allowed 3! Klm is the worst most discusting unfriendly unfair airline i have ever come across i will u form everyone i know and will not stop with the complaints ! Not to mention when we received the luggage in kuwait guess what DAMAGED!!!!!!!!
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor