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KUU Bhuntar Airport

India FlagKulu
Latitude: 31.874722
Longitude: 77.154167
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» A traveler has already reviewed this airline:
Worst Airline ever
1 out of 5
They changed my flight timing 5 times. First they the changed the flight itself without informing me or taking my opinio...read more
» A traveler has already reviewed this airline:
Good experience
4 out of 5
Both the flights at CCU & DEL were on time, & even made it to JFK ahead of schedule. Check-in experience was good, & th...read more
» A traveler has already reviewed this airline:
Airline that does not care
1 out of 5
Our checked in bag was completely drenched with water that smelled like fish (there was leakage of contents of some othe...read more
India FlagIndia
138 mi / 223 km
Pakistan FlagPakistan
163 mi / 263 km
India FlagIndia
229 mi / 369 km
» A traveler has already reviewed this airport:
Clean & very modern
4 out of 5
This airport is of a good international standard. We arrived internationally at T3 and transferred to a domestic flight ...read more
Pakistan FlagPakistan
264 mi / 426 km
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