Kerkyra - Leeds Flight Reviews

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44.5 total score
34 reviews
41% Recommended
53% Value for Money
2.1/5 Customer Service
Kerkyra-Leeds route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Fri, 07/12/2013 05:56 PM
From I. Kapodistrias Airport (Kerkyra) to Leeds-Bradford Airport (Leeds)
1 out of 5
Inflight dog food
My complaint about the Ryan air booking. Had a great journey out to Corfu a great holiday but the day coming home changed all that. When getting duty free I asked the lady behind the counter if I could indeed take the bag of cigarettes on board along with my hand luggage. She replied yes for both myself and my partner. Only to find when boarding the plain, an agitated Greek Mel B rudely asking "how many bags do you think you can take?!!" In a tone hitler would have found offensive and demanded we step out of the queue and cram it into the already full hand luggage. "It's full I replied" her response not only shocked, but worried me. "Well you can put this in your suitcase, no?" My initial worry was she may not even be Ryan air staff as surely, if that stupid, how could she possibly have such an important role? Had she ever worked in an air port? When I informed her my case was obviously checked in her response was "well.." And then she sort of twitched as if holding two trays of drinks and was measuring up which was the heaviest. Her most helpful response lead me to believe i was just going to have to continue compacting my bag tighter than the curls in her hair. After boarding the plane. I wanted to order food. Which after take off. A flight attendant offered us a menu. Looking through I could see the food was quite pricey for what it was, but you expect that, you always do on flights and at service stations. What I didn't expect. Was the quality of the dog food put in front of me. We ordered a hot dog, lasagne, chips, tango, starburst and a Heineken. It came to a grand total of €25.80 I thought I'd treat myself to one more beer, you feel like your still on holiday when your on a plane so the beer usually tastes nicer. This beer took me back when I was 15 and I found my dads lager stash. I drank around 6 cans as quickly as I could feeling excited and exhilarated at my first drinks, the excitement ended 10 minutes later as I was projecting the beer into the utility room sink. The temp of the beer on the plane was around the same. I wasn't sure whether to drink it straight away or pop a pg tips in it and ask for some milk. The tango my girlfriend received was barely enough to fill a thymol. She did enjoy her 2 mouthfuls though. Then the food came after an hour an twenty minutes. I'll give it it's due. It was reasonably warm. The compliments about the food end there. As I opened the lid to the lasagne. The brown sludgy substance on top reminded me of the froth and brine you would see on a scummy river. With a texture and flavour to suit. My partners hot dog was crispy and bubbly on the outside and disgusting in the middle. She peeled back the skin. Which came off as easily as a snake shedding. And resembled an empty pepparami wrapper. Rubbery and vile. As for the chips. As I picked one up and saw the rest of the chip flop down like a flaccid cock my appetite reduced further. I was not sure whether to eat them or finish off making them into mash potatoes as someone had else clearly started to do. We asked for some ketchup and mustard to mask the flavour of the food. He gave us one sachet between us. "Could we have a few more please" "sure" he replied they are "30 cents each" after paying €25.80 for food I would reluctantly put in a trough. I was obviously a little disgruntled to say the least. After explaining my complaints about the food the gentleman was very polite. I explained obviously I don't expect a Michelin star meal (which would probably be cheaper, if you were just ordering a main of course) I also understand that it is going to be some for of microwave ready meal. But micro chips are more appetising and I've eaten better frozen lasagne from Iceland that my 7 year old god son has prepared, the hot dog was that dreadful I would have preferred to have eaten an out of date prawn, and suffered the consequences. It's a hot dog for Christ sake? How can you get that wrong?!! The pictures in the brochure of the food portrayed an expectation the actual food could never deliver. He informed me that he would speak to his supervisor and let me know his response. The response finished my faith in ever purchasing anything on a Ryan air flight in future. The first stage - "My supervisor says that obviously there will be no refund" - I expected there would not be a refund. Ryan air are only bothered about making money. Customer service is not at the top on the list of priorities. That's why they try to bamboozle customers with extensive online checking procedures and charge you the earth for every extra kilo in your suit case. Even if your only 0.3 over the agreed limit. But to be told in a manor where you state. We don't want to try and resolve this complaint and you should have realised before raising it...... Obviously!! It does have a negative and agitating effect. You feel like responding with "obviously I'm going to make your life a living hell then for the duration of the flight, or throw you out of the window" The 2nd - "he feels the food was probably fine" - please define fine. If your priorities on food were the vitamin content or dietary benefits the food may have over the taste, smell, texture and look of the food then it may have been. I wouldn't know, I didn't get to read the nutritional information on the packet as my contacts were at the bottom of my crammed hand luggage that could not be opened until I got home, as if I did, the contents may have exploded over rows 17, 18 and 19. But I would not have fed this food to my least favourite uncle. I once served him a cat food home made pie and watched him eat it, I really dislike this man, but I wouldn't even allow him the displeasure of the filth served by 'The Getaway Cafe!' (An apt name for a cafe you couldn't wait to GET AWAY from!) If your ever re brand your in flight cafe. May I suggest some names. The stayaway cafe - you can they say, we did warn you. The getamcdonaldsintead cafe. If on a diet however, I would recommend this food. As your first bite will give you an instant phobia and dislike for any form of meal. Rendering you unable to eat. Every cloud and all that..... Stage 3 - "and feels you probably just didn't like it." - ......???? Obviously I don't like it! That's why we're having this conversation!! A criminal in a mexican prison wouldn't like this food! A starving child in a third world country would struggle to eat it. What kind of statement is that. But after seeing the supervisor, he did look a little like the lady that checked us in, I imagined they may be related and ergo have a similar level of intelligence. Stage 4 - "but please feel free to write a letter of complaint or report about your flight" - well...... Now I'm completely annoyed and have another 3 hours to kill. Granted some of this may be in the toilet during my introduction to bocholism, for the remainder though, I found myself writing this report. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. I will also have sent this to Ryan air' customer services and look forward to receiving a non helpful or apologetic response with no promise of a resolution. What ever happened to the days of the customer is always right?!!
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor