Johannesburg - Entebbe Flight Reviews

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South African Airways
41.5 total score
7 reviews
29% Recommended
43% Value for Money
2/5 Customer Service
Johannesburg-Entebbe route
86.7 total score
1 review
100% Recommended
100% Value for Money
4/5 Customer Service
Mon, 05/12/2014 08:23 AM
From Johannesburg International Airport (Johannesburg) to Entebbe Airport (Entebbe)
4 out of 5
A good trip on an SAA A319
I received my ticket print out from a Travel Agent in S.Africa, but when I tried to use the ‘Confirmation’ code on my ticket to manage my booking – the SAA Website- (which was very slow operating) explained that at present tickets issued by Travel Agents do not bear confirmation codes which can be accessed to manage the booking and make seat or meal requests until 24 hours prior to departure. Only tickets issued by the SAA registered offices can issue tickets with ‘Manage my booking’ codes. 24 hours prior to departure I checked in on line for my connecting flight from Mauritius and got my Boarding cards for both the Air Mauritius and also the connecting South African Airways flight and also the seat request information that I sought. (See my review of JNB Tambo International Airport if you’re interested). I boarded the South African Airways Airbus A319 flight at Gate A5. The plane was crowded with every seat taken. The flight was safely and smoothly and professionally operated. The cabin crew were very good. The cabin announcements were informative and helpful and regularly repeated. The two female Afro-South African cabin attendents were happy and friendly and helpful – very good service. Meal service OK. The flight deck announcements were informative and helpful too. A slightly larger Aircraft to operate the route would make it more comfortable. For the return trip 3 days later it was a similar story. I was able to check in on line 24 hours ahead of departure, and was issued with both the SAA boarding card and also the connecting Air Mauritius boarding card. Both were-issued at the Airport – so I wasted some paper! The flight was on time and well run smooth trip. Cabin service very good.Meal service OK. However the A319 is crowded when full – not a spare seat to be seen.
Recommended: Yes
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Good