Guadalajara - Denver Flight Reviews

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14 total score
8 reviews
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1.1/5 Customer Service
Guadalajara-Denver route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Sat, 08/15/2015 06:45 PM
From Miguel Hidal Airport (Guadalajara) to Denver International Airport (Denver) via Juarez International Airport (Mexico City)
1 out of 5
Horrible, rude, & un experienced staff!
The first time we traveled with volaris was satisfactory so we decided to purchase a ticket for my sister to come back to Denver, Colorado. Since she was born & lives in USA she had to get this immigration paper to let them know she's a resident. Anywho, the volaris people from guadalajara told her "you need to get it in Mexico City, since that is the city your getting to Denver from." She did as told. Once they got to Mexico City, this young lad who works for volaris started insulting my sister (& my aunt who was present) he began calling stupid & all this really disrespectful things. She never let's anyone say shit to her so she calmly responded "look, I tried getting it in guadalajara, but they told me to get it here. So in this case it is not my fault, I am only doing what I was told." So this asshole, didn't even know what to do, had them walking around the whole fucking airport, until they lost their flight. His bitch ass said it wasn't his fault, it was immigrant ions fault. My sister is only fucking 17 in a fucking place both her & my aunt have never been in. My dad is here panicking getting a hold of the company trying to get her over here safe, but they said it wasn't their fault either after waisting 2hrs on the phone.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor