Fayetteville - Denver Flight Reviews

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Delta Air Lines
51.9 total score
27 reviews
52% Recommended
48% Value for Money
2.7/5 Customer Service
Fayetteville-Denver route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Mon, 12/22/2014 01:32 AM
From Denver International Airport (Denver) to Fayetteville Municipal Airport (Fayetteville) via Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (Detroit)
1 out of 5
Horrific Customer Service
Today was the WORST customer service experience I've ever witnessed in my entire life. I know several people who work for the company who would be mortified to know how rude, unsympathetic, and unforgiving the service was today. 1st my husband's niece was told that her reservation was canceled which it was not, how do I know because I checked her in and sent a screenshot of the boarding pass. Next she had to purchase another ticket to a different airport than her original flight. Next, I got hung up on by customer service and it was on purpose, then the next guy was nice but refunded the WRONG ticket (yeah the ticket they said didn't exist) and didn't update her itinerary as promised. When she got to Detroit, i spoke with Customer Service again and the Supervisor said no one would be able to help anymore and all she could do was re route her but she would be 5 hours behind schedule with a 1 year old and the whole time every person said it was her responsibility to make sure they were right, even though she never flew before. And my husband was told by the Supervisor that he was being irrational on the phone although he was not yelling or being disrespectful and wanted to know why was there a mistake every step of the way. She asked him to put me back on the phone. Oh waitttttt and in Detroit they told her that Fayetteville had no airport. Thanks but no thanks. I will NEVER fly #Delta purchase tickets for my clients from #Delta #DeltaAirlines not on my dime
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor