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Portugal FlagFaro
(FAO) Faro Airport, Faro logo
3.5 out of 5
Latitude: 37.015410
Longitude: -7.971973
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"I got out of there!"


Faro airport is small and from an arrival perspective it was very quick - though I did travel at a quiet time of year.
A note of caution however: the taxi drivers are not at all happy about making the short trip from the airport into Faro town. I got a very hard time off the driver who took me to my hotel and he was very aggressive and intimidating for the duration of the journey. Lone females, elderly and people with small children beware of this. The town can be reached cheaply and easily by the local bus for only €1.80 and it stops very close to the train & bus stations and terminates at the marina - which is very close to many town centre hotels.
On departure the check in was very quick (off peak) and I was through security quickly. Facilities in the terminal are fine too - however there is still the need to queue through passport control to the departure gates and the organisation at the gates is terrible with dangerous crowding at the bottom of busy escalators - people were literally having to push their way through the crush to get off the escalator. Point to note here is that the terminal roof was recently damaged and so part of the building is out of use, however it seems that the safety of passengers has not been considered.
Also, my flight was delayed and this was not announced so we just stood there waiting and waiting with nobody able to provide any information.

Facilities: Satisfactory
Check-In Area: Poor
Security Level: Satisfactory
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"A very fine small airport!"


On the arrival the airport offers a simple way out. the baggage area is just a few meters outside the arrival terminal, no 10-minute walk to get there! of course it is a small airport but when you come from a large one, it's something you appreciate...
Check-in was fine. Security controls are serious, yet well organized and not too long to wait.

As for to get to the airport, it is not far from the town of Faro. We were driving (car rental) so we didn't have to use the public transportation. But the car rental desks are also convenient to use. On the arrival they are quite well sign-posted. As for when you return your car, you have to leave your vehicule a few kilometers from the airport, which is fine because a shuttle of the company gets you to the airport free of charge in less than 5 minutes.

The biggest airline is Norwegian Air Shuttle. Other airlines are Air Berlin, Ryanair, Germanwings, Flybe, Easyjet, TUIfly. Most of the routes are from and to Europe.

Facilities: Good
Check-In Area: Good
Security Level: Satisfactory
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