Dublin - Colombo Flight Reviews

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54.3 total score
33 reviews
45% Recommended
55% Value for Money
2.9/5 Customer Service
Dublin-Colombo route
26.7 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
100% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Mon, 04/30/2012 06:54 AM
From Dublin Airport (Dublin) to Bandaranayake International Airport (Colombo) via Dubai Airport (Dubai)
1 out of 5
How Emirates treat you when things go wrong.
I have flown extensively so although this was my first experience flying with Emirates I do understand that sometimes things do go wrong. One month later I can say with all sincerity that I have never experienced such poor customer service. We booked our flights with Emirates to take our family of five to Sri Lanka over the Easter (2012) break. Our flight departed Dublin for Dubai on 30/03/2012 - a flight time of a little under 8 hours. Because of adverse weather on approach into Dubai our captain choose to divert to Ras Al Khaimah. What a nightmare. It's a big enough airport and it's only 70 km from Dubai but when we landed they had no passenger management facilities, no airport facilities, no crew replacement ability facilities, no technical facilities (you'd have imagined a technical problem would have been picked up by routine maintenance) or other commercial facilities. We were left on the aircraft over night for 10 hours with bread sandwiches and water offered, broken air conditioning and broken toilets. Other Emirates aircraft that evening (eg EK02 from LHR) of which I know of 5 were diverted to other local airports with proper facilities in the region and all were refuelled within an hour and returned to Dubai. What happened our Emirates flight and her choice of diversion airport cannot be considered 'extraordinary circumstances or 'force major'. We eventually landed in Dubai twenty one and a half hours after leaving Dublin but the bad customer service didn't end there. They had us queue up for another 5 hours trying to put us on other flights. We realised the purpose of our original travel plan was no longer attainable and we abandoned our holiday and were to be put on the next available flight back to Dublin. That was bank holiday Monday. We were not given breakfast or lunch and only offered us a food voucher for a coffee and pizza and 16:00 on the Saturday. Our trouble wasn't over. At 19:00 Sat, they put us up in a nearby 3 star hotel where they gave us two double beds for five of us. The room had a view out over a grave yard. Emirates also managed to loose our baggage. Next day (Sunday) we were told our baggage would be with us by noon. It never arrived. We phoned and after waiting until 1pm we abandoned hope of ever getting service from Emirates and went to see Dubai because we had 6 hours to spare. When we got back at 19:00 our bags had arrived so we washed and changed our cloths and slept early because we had to be up at 04:30 for check in. On the Emirates flight back my wife was sitting next to a mother with a young child and each time she wanted to feed the baby the cabin crew politely asked my wife if she wouldn't mind going to the jump seat at the back of the aircraft whilst the mother breastfed her baby. We arrived back home in Dublin on Monday seventy seven hours after we left. You can imagine we missed a holiday, money lost due to cancellations, visas etc. I'm currently waiting for Margaret Shannon, Paul Holland and Bruce Forbes of Emirates reply to my letter of complaint but it is a month now. How can an airline such as Emirates have won so many awards? Perhaps I'm being a bit too soft but perhaps we were just very very unlucky to have such a combination of so many things going wrong. Yet couldn't someone along the line in Emirates have had the ability to spot what a family of two adults and three children were going through and take charge to look after us? Failing the courtesy of a proper reply to my written complaint I may just have to go down the legal route and see what protection regulations such as the Montreal Convention Articles 19 & 22 will offer us? I have flown Emirates and wouldn't recommend them. The attraction is a one stop service to OZ etc but forget it. When things go wrong they won't want to know. You can be the calm and professional about it but to no avail. We all have a Silver frequent flyer status with Etihad and gold with Singapore Airlines and in all the years of frequent flying I have never had the bad experience that I've had with Emirates. In passing I'd be happy for any moderator to contact me to ascertain the accuracy of my posting.
Recommended: No
Value for money: Yes
Customer Service: Very Poor