Copenhagen - Tel Aviv-Yafo Flight Reviews

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Tel Aviv-Yafo
Brussels Airlines
23.9 total score
11 reviews
9% Recommended
9% Value for Money
1.7/5 Customer Service
Copenhagen-Tel Aviv-Yafo route
13.3 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
1/5 Customer Service
Wed, 01/30/2013 02:05 PM
From Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen) to Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv-Yafo) via Brussels Airport (Brussels)
1 out of 5
We have chosen to pay higher price for the tickets comparing to other airlines because SN Brussels had the best time of arrival to final destination.After we have received our e-tickets, I called SN Brussels customer service in Brussels and asked, whether the connection time of 35 min. was enough. I have received positive response and SN Brussels staff told to me, that “35 minutes was a perfect connection”. The day of departure, just after boarding, but before the door was closed, I have contacted the cabin staff on the plane and explained that according to the scheduled departure time, our flight was already 20 min. delayed and I wasn´t sure that we could reach our connection flight in Brussels. In this case, we would not continue our trip and stay at home in order to change the tickets, because we had our little daughter together with us, as we were knew she would be stressed and overtired of a long night journey. SN Brussels cabin staff has ensured us that we will manage to get onboard on our next plane to the final destination and we will “of course get all necessary assistance” in Brussels in order to come to our final destination. One hour later, the same person told us that we cannot catch out next flight (???!!!) and we have to contact SN Brussels information desk. When we came out of the plane, we could see a man in SN Brussels uniform. We contacted him and explained the situation and the fact that the connecting airplane should departure in 20 minutes and if we got some assistance from Air Company, we could manage it. He was totally dismissive with the appearance of that he could not care less and just sent us to the Service Desk. Unfortunately, us being late to catch the flight and experiencing anything but service minded behavior from the SN Brussels personnel is not the end of this very unfortunate experience. After we have found the Service Desk and stayed in line for almost 30 minutes, we have explained that since our daughter’s problems with flying in the night by means of several connections and because we have informed all about the circumstances, even before our first plane departed from Copenhagen, we would rather like to stay this night in Brussels and continue our trip next day.Staff at the Service Desk categorically rejected our proposal and told us that the only possibility we have is to fly from Brussels to Zurich and than from Zurich to our final destination , ETA 03.30(instead of 00.30)??!! They would not discuss anything with us and didn´t even listen. Every time, we asked these people, they begun to spoke French with the result then we couldn´t understand nothing at all! We didn´t succeed to get their names either, as they told us they were not allowed to give their names to customers?! Our 17 years daughter should fly to the same destination some days later. and unfortunately by SN Brussels Airlines again.The whole awful story was repeated, only now even worse. Her flight from Copenhagen to Brussels was delayed too! Everything has been repeated, only with that difference that in her case the Service Center would send her to the hotel and let her continue the trip 24 hours later(?!!!!!) She asked of the possibility to continue her trip via some other European airports, so that she could arrive at her final destination on the agreed date, but NO, it wasn’t possible. Being in the very unhappy state of mind, she begun to cry and beg them to send her by any other airline and after 20 minutes, when she was close to lose her consciousness, the “good and service minded” SN Brussels staff has issued new tickets to CSA. She was sent to Prague and then to final destination. We have feared our trip back, but consoled ourselves with that we now have one hour between the flights. Nevertheless, our flight was delayed again (!) of some unknown reason and when we landed in Brussels, we was told by one Belgian passenger, who was sitting next to us that we would not make it due to sitting in the back of the flight, different terminals, pas control etc. We run as fast as we could and our oldest daughter, who is suffering from asthmatic bronchitis, could not breathe, but when we arrived at the gate, the boarding was not even started even though the time was already overdue! Our chaotic and for our daughter painful run could be prevented, if the boarding staff bothered to inform of the next flight delay, when they anyway informed of the gates for those in transition. After these two totally disastrous trips, the conclusion is that SN Brussels Airlines is perfectly aware of the fact that the possibility to manage a short connection of 35 minutes in the huge Brussels Airport, especially for destinations between European and non-European countries, is very small. Well knowingly that transit passengers from Copenhagen - it will not surprise if SN Brussels Airlines does the same trick with other connection airports - will be late for their SN Brussels flight, are selling more expensive SN Brussels tickets and are sending passengers from Brussels with by far cheaper airlines/connections, as it has been in our cases. One can only establish from this that this very unfortunate arrangement significantly reduces the rights and terms of the passengers at the same time enriching the airline. We have of course complained to Brussels Airlines, but the answer was: 35 min is perfect connection etc. etc. The conclusion is: personally I will never fly by SN Brussels Airlines in my entire life. I will inform the above mentioned all my family members and my business contacts and my best advise - don´t use them.The airline which is cheating people, doesn´t respect European values! As for the extremely low service level in SN Brussels… It cannot remain the same and I am sure that their customers will punish them by simply choosing another airline, which is not something the mother company Lufthansa will be happy about.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Very Poor