Baltimore - Las Vegas Flight Reviews

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Las Vegas
Spirit Airlines
22.1 total score
35 reviews
9% Recommended
9% Value for Money
1.5/5 Customer Service
Baltimore-Las Vegas route
24 total score
1 review
0% Recommended
0% Value for Money
3/5 Customer Service
Fri, 08/23/2013 03:14 PM
From Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall (Baltimore) to McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
1 out of 5
If you fly Spirit you will regret it
1 Star, Would be less, if I could. I will cut and paste the letters that I sent to customer service starting at 4:30 AM the day I landed and continuing until the day I came back. I went so far as to write the CEO and all board members about my experience and it has been 9 days and have yet to get a response.... DO NOT EVER FLY SPIRIT!! Good Morning Spirit Airlines Executives. I am not sure how you do business but this is how your customer service does (or doesn't, because I have yet to get a reply) I am more beside myself that I can't get anyone to answer an email, let alone the three that I wrote as damning as this, so I figured the board and other executives should now be aware of the situation. In no way should I not get resolution!!! UNACCEPTABLE Forgettable trip to Las via Bwi- Not a fan Andrew Effross Aug 15 (6 days ago) to CustomerSupport I never flew Spirit before but it came in with a lower initial fare so I figured I give it a shot. I would like to be objective so the first steps all went well, very well. Had enough people at the baggage counter and zipped right through security. Plane late about 20 minutes but things happen. I was determined to have a good flight. This is where the trip goes down hill. Met two very nice people that I sat next to and was lucky enough to get a window seat. I don't do well in the aisle or center, but I always need a window seat. About 30 minutes in I felt something the matter with the seat, like a bar jabbing me in the back. After the finished beverage service, I let a representative know and were able to find me a different seat in an aisle. I decided to stay where I was because it was a window seat. About the beverage service, you really couldn't feel the love of a complimentary drink for what was then a five hour flight. I was still determined to have a good flight even through this and the very bad jokes the flight crew made over the intercom. Very bad. The guy needed to practice his delivery in a mirror or something ALOT more. Then we land in vegas only 17 minutes late. Pretty smooth flight, $3 soda, bar sticking into my back but at least we are on the ground. This is when it gets unacceptable. On the tarmac for 53 minutes after a five hour flight. Come on...I understand you have to wait for an opening but the captain came on early and said ot would be another minute or two, then came back on 10 minutes later saying it was going to be longer. Then nothing for 40 minutes. Unacceptable in my eyes. What is worse and unforgivable is when we start moving to the gate, he doesn't even apologize for the SEVERE inconvenience. Unacceptable. Than baggage took way to long and no communication to what number it was going to be on. You did not just make one person not a fan but I overheard many more people not as vocal as me state the unacceptableness. What is worse is by the time you add all the nickel and dime stupid charges, you end up paying around the same as other airlines were charging. So I am writing you to let you know that this experience was not good and now I have to back on this airline, this time with my wife and have to listen to her thoughts about the airline. I don't know what can be done but these issues need to be addressed. Andrew Effross Aug 16 (5 days ago) ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: "Andrew Effross" mrbarter101@g... Andrew Effross Aug 17 (4 days ago) to CustomerSupport I can't believe I can't get a response from an email like this. Its nice to know how much people care. If you guys can give me the decency of replying to an email that was so damning, you deserve everything you get. I would like a reply from the president of the company or someone similar. I will hit every review sight on the planet with the exact email that went unresponsive and let you sink like I your customers feel after flying Spirit. Andrew Effross Aug 18 (3 days ago) to Spirit Also I would like thank the Spirit employee working the outside area last night in Vegas that spoke very demeaning to me and my wife that insisted since I had no luggage and i just had my boarding pass, I still had to check in and wait in line. That'll be 40 minutes of time that I will never get back. No the answers or don't have them help customers. Plan was very smooth coming home but my wife says, if we fly Spirit again, she won't travel with me. Thanks Spirit.
Recommended: No
Value for money: No
Customer Service: Satisfactory