Hainan Airlines

24.9 total score
16 reviews
6% Recommended
38% Value for Money
1.6/5 Customer Service
China Flag China
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I would like to tell how my lovely trip to China turned out to be a nightmare because of the company irresponsibility. I had a round trip flight Moscow - Kunming with connection in Beijing. Four flights all together. This is the first time that I'm ever seen that delay was for all 4 flights!!!! And it was not for 30 minutes - it was for 3-4 hours!!!! Also for that week and 4 flights I had 2 flight cancellations and 4 delays!!! Furthermore, the company doesn't care if you have another connection flight after. Because of company problem I had to 3 times!!! buy me a connection ticket for the same route. After I contact them to ask to pay me at least for last ticket, i was told that its not possible. Writing this review, I seat at airport, 3rd day in my way home. I'm mad that the company turned out to be so unsupportive. I have to pay for the company's countless delays with my own money. WORST COMPANY !!!!! STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED !!!!!!!!!

Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Very Poor
Cabin:Economy Class
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