26.2 total score
16 reviews
13% Recommended
19% Value for Money
1.8/5 Customer Service
Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
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Worst airport
1 out of 5
Awful experience, toilets were filthy, seating area was filthy, boarding gate not signposted, almost missed flight - more
United Arab Emirates Flag United Arab Emirates
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Very decieving
2 out of 5
Looks like a very great place hen you first take a look at its gleaming architecture. But hen you go deep inside, not more
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Disgusting Service
1 out of 5
By far the worst ever experiance i have ever gone through in terms of travelling. Driving for days, in the heat without more
» A traveler has already reviewed this airline:
Terrible, simply terrible.
1 out of 5
Complaint - Male to Heathrow 19/07/2015 DOH QR 673 /19 Flight cancelled due to pressurisation issues. Fair enough more

"Lousy Airline"


I suggest Flydubai chnage the airline name and take out the "Dubai" part because it gives Dubai a bad image.

I am extremely disgussted from the way you treated us at Dammam airport on June 3, 2012 as you told passengers that the flight is cancelled and asked the passengers to "come back tomorrow'! dha...
I was on my way to attend a funeral and could NOT wait another day for flydubai to take their time and make a different booking. I ended up buying a ticket on another airline and my trip lated (23) hours while it should have been only (6) hours.

I am going to get in touch with several blogs and ranking associations to relay this to them. I want all my friends and associates to be aware of the way flydubai handled us and avoid traveling with flydubai.

Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Good
Cabin:Economy Class
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