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This Airline leaves you stranded- its gone into reivership
1 out of 5
This group are broke with no assets stranding up to 4000 PAX in various parts of the world with no more
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Not Interested in Customers
1 out of 5
DO NOT USE THIS AIRLINE ! They decided to cancel a scheduled route from Athens to Heraklion - OK this can happen ( more

"Illegal Thomson Flight Hell"


The way we where treated was not acceptable and i believe that Thompsons have failed a Duty Of Care towards us during the delay.

Thompsons staff told parents that children had to sit on there knees without a seat belt and let me video the chaos that erupted afterwards and even let me smoke on the airport field!

When asking Thompsons staff what was happening after we were told that our flight was cancelled the following quotes were taken by myself also with video evidence that i took on my phone at the airport and throughout the 24 hour period.

When asking Chrissa and lisa at the airport what was happening they both replied 'i dont know i have only been working for Thompsons for 3 days'.

I then demanded to see the Thompsons supervisor at the airport but Rachel (head of operations did not want to talk). Rachel was no were to be seen throughout this awful ordeal and only showed her face when we finally boarded the plane the day after.

It took Thompsons staff (Lisa and Crissa) over an hour to arrange transportation to the hotel provided as there were not enough seats on the coaches and children were sitting on laps throughout the journey. I have video evidence of this ordeal and the total panic that set in.Thompsons did not control nor care and your staff let everyone smoke on the airport field and let me video the whole scene.!

When arriving at the hotel Vanisko i asked Thompsons rep Stella if we could have any food or water she replied 'The hotel has no food'. Yet i have video evidence of a hotel worker eating a meal 20 minutes after. She spoke very good English when it suited and again her excuse was 'ive only worked for Thompsons for 3 days'. Other passengers in the group had no nappies for children, everyone was hungry and Thompson Airways staff did not care or accommodate for this.

In the morning we were told that the coaches would arrive and take us all to the airport.
This again was very hard work for Thompsons staff as they simply could not count as only 2 coaches arrived and reps expected people to stand up or sit on laps. Thompsons rep Helen wanted me and my partner to sit on a different bus than our luggage was on because they filled the coaches in panic without any order. Surely Thompsons staff knew how many people they were responsible for? There were people waiting for extra coaches in panic as Helen and Rosi had said 'we don't have enough coaches'. I have video evidence of Helen running around in blind panic as she did not control the situation at all. Helen later broke down on the coach in tears over the tannoy and yelled a barrage of abuse at me because i quoted her on what she was saying. Rosi also spoke no English and just flapped about shouting in Greek which made everyone feel awkward and frightened.

When finally boarding the plane we were told that we would receive complimentary food and drink. The drink was cloudy tap water on plane and 1 and half hours into the flight we received a multigrain bread with ham and Gouda cheese..which was frozen in the middle!!!! (see pics)

Thompson Airways simply do not care.I have sent 3 letters addressing my complaints so far with no reply on all occasions.


Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Very Poor
Cabin:Economy Class
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