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Customer service don't care about customers
1 out of 5
I have booked my tickets about 2 months ago, after that I just got my US citizenship and my name change, so my name on more

"Don't ever flight with vietjet ever again"


We (4 people)came to the airport right at 0812 am. The flight time is at 0840am. The receptionist told us the gate is closed for the paper processing. However the lady who does the paper work still sitting at the lane, she refused to do our paper work because the lane was closed at 0810. We attempted with a different person, but no willingness to help us at all. All they want us to do is pay for the new ticket or pay 385 dong for each person which is a total of 1,540 dong and we need to wait for 7 more hrs to that flight. At 0830 am, while making payment for the flight later at 1550 pm, we heard the announcement to remind Vietjet customers to come to the plane. Poor customer service ! So riff off to their customers! It is my first and also this is my last to flight with vietjet airline. Vietjet, I have a message for you: you won't last long with this kind of customer service you provide and how you riff off your customers like that!

Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Very Poor
Cabin:Economy Class
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Tue, 02/18/2014 02:37 AM
4 years ago

Sorry I meant rip off ( spelling error)

Tue, 02/18/2014 02:37 AM
4 years ago

Sorry I meant rip off ( spelling error)