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"Conviasa worst airline and costumer service Venezuela"


Government run airline, enough said but this was my experience
On September 12 I took a flight from Caracas to Porlamar, Margarita, Venezuela,the flight was 1 hour delayed without much information, No info is given in English,don't call it an international airport if you can't make anouncements in English
On september 19 I had my flight back to caracas supposely to arrive at 15.20 where I had a connection at 6 PM to Madrid
The flight scheduled to leave 14.30 was delayed again and no information was given, I was sitting in the lounge in front of the gate
So the guessing game started when this flight would leave for Caracas
finaly at 3.30 pm someone showed up to say the plane was arriving,
To make it short I missed my flight, had to book a hotel on my expenses, had to pay extra for my flight to Madrid ( 873 Bolivar with oficial rate being 1 Dollar to 4 Bolivar, actual rate woul be 1 to 10!)
When I went to complain about their lack of professionality and information I feel I am intitled to they showed me the official arrivals on a piece of paper stating the plane was on time, and they treated me as I was lying!!!!
I have pictures showing this flight arrived at 17.22 instead of 15.20
Also to retrieve luggage was a waiting and guessing game, a person indicated the belt, butnothing indicated luggage of this flight would arrive on this belt and it took 1 hour waiting for them!
Never again, same for Venezuela, although I have met a few nice people, I would avoid it, quit dangerous, corrupt and very unfriendly airport staff )

Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Very Poor
Cabin:Economy Class
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