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1 out of 5
I recently arrived back into Australia via OOL International. What a shambles... Immigration not big enough for 1 more
Thailand Flag Thailand
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BKK Airport
5 out of 5
Despite the fact that the Airport is very busy ! I fly there very often ! The staff is friendly and efficient. (with more
Singapore Flag Singapore
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Best airport for a long (or short) stop-over.
5 out of 5
Just back in UK from Brisbane via Singapore (20 hrs stop), Sri Lanka (1 hr stop) and Dubai (2 hrs stop). Have just more
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would fly them again
4 out of 5
Flight was on time and check in was completed in a few minutes. There was a last minute gate change from 49 to 52. more
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WORSE customer service EVER !
1 out of 5
Flight got cancelled and refund took ages. Unfriendly replies from group reservations co-ordinator Samantha, after 2 more
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very bad service
1 out of 5
poor service, bad attitude and not value for money. delays, delays and no communications to customers. virgin is not more

"Beware your cheap flight will not be cheap"


Read very carefully Scoots Conditions of Carriage T & Cs before you part with your money, they have many nasty surprises.

We are no strangers to LCC airlines travelling with Air Asia many times, Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Air Transat, Tiger, Jetstar, we even the worlds first LCC Freddie Lakers Skytrain from New York to London in 1978 but Scoot takes the cake for the worst we have experienced.

We booked Gold Coast to Bangkok 10th August 2014. The first sly trick is that the web site appears to give you a through ticket with the words Gold Coast and Bangkok on the itinerary. On closer inspection and reading the terms and conditions what you have purchased is two single point to point legs from GC to Singapore and SP to Bangkok, with Scoot stating that (unlike all the other carriers) unless you purchase their “Scoot Thru” product not only will you have to go through Singapore immigration, pick up your bags and re check in for the 2nd leg they will not honour the second leg if their first leg is delayed for any reason. So after forking out $20 SP per person per leg for the ‘service” charge which is not clearly disclosed as per Australian law on the header price we had to fork out another $20 SP per person per leg for the “Scoot Thru” charge. Especially as we saw that the 7 day average for that flight was 1 hour late. We also had travel insurance that covers flight delays ($250 excess), so what could go wrong.. hah hah.

The flight was scheduled 9am, at 5.30am we got the text, 2.5hrs late at this stage. Now you might think would give you extra time to get to the airport but.. no as per the T & Cs you need to get to the airport 90 minutes prior to the SCHEDULLED departure. This is because Scoot does not have any employees only contractors who have other duties once their Scoot time is up. Off we traipsed to the airport at 7am for an 11.30am flight. Eventually we got going around 12.20 about 3hr.20 late. Mechanical problems on the inbound flight they said. Despite having more than 50 people that needed to make the connection they made no attempt to make up the time, actually flying slower than the 7 day average. I read on a pilot’s web site that when they got the handed down 777s from SQ they de-rated the engines to save fuel and reduce landing fees leaving them under powered for the amount of seats they have crammed in. One wonders with fuel saving being the pilots number one priority what their policy is for flying around thunderstorms and volcanic ash, but I guess we already know parent company SQs policy on war zones so you have your answer.

The crew refused to contact Singapore to delay the Bangkok leg (something that I have seen Air Asia do many times), they really wanted us to miss it, the BK flight even left 5 minutes early! So we missed it by 20 minutes. Off we went to Transfer desk E where the staff were surrounded by a crowd of angry people some without Scoot Thru who were shown the door to the $200 plus Air Asia flight. Prior to this we had checked that there were 4 tiger flights available before the next Scoot flight and Scoot had on its Scoot Thru terms this statement.

• "No worries: You’ll be put on the next Scoot or Tiger flight, without extra charge, should the connecting flight be delayed."

Wrong again, Scoot staff refused to put us on any of the Tiger flights despite seats being available on all of them; instead they gave us boarding passes for the next Scoot flight 24 hours later! This meant as one of our party was travelling on a non Singapore visa on arrival passport we were stuck in the transit lounge for 24 hours savouring the delights of the pay by the hour Transit Hotel whilst our pre paid Bangkok accommodation went up in smoke.

Now here’s the real kicker item 9.6 of the conditions of carriage, if you miss your connection due to any reason at all, Scoot will cancel your return ticket ( and re- sell it presumably) unless you contact the call centre within 48 hours and have them put a notation on the return that you still want it. Simple you may think get the Scoot transfer staff to do this. Wrong, we got flicked again and also they would not supply and insurance letter re the flight delay. We were directed to ring the call centre. This invloved an expensive phone call from Singapore to the Australian number which then diverts back to the Philippines call centre and the battle with English as a second language staff who did not seem to understand their own conditions of carriage. We are still waiting on the insurance letter, good luck people have posted they have waited more than 6 months for credit vouchers that have a six month expiry.

Hidden away on the Scoot web site is the Australian Passenger flight disruption policy, which over rides their terms and conditions of “No refunds under any circumstances” policy and also the NSW registered Australian ABN 85 155 097 322, so obviously people are taking them on and winning at the small claims tribunal otherwise they wouldn't have a special policy for Australians. You will need this info when your flight gets cancelled.

Their 41 year old New Zealand CEO recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that they would be cancelling some Australian routes due “softness” in the market caused by the weak Australian $. Our Gold Cost flight was only half full. I suggest he might take a closer look at how his company treats its customers. They are operating the same way that Tiger tried to for 6 years in Australia despite cherry picking the best routes failed to make a profit before being taken over by Virgin. If you treat your customers with contempt sooner or later you will get taken over or go out of business or at the very least if your government props you up end up cancelling routes.

PROS: Great Value if you like hanging round in departure and transit lounges whilst your pre booked travel costs go up in smoke.

CONS: When they stop flying Air Asia prices will go up.

Value for Money:No
Customer Service:Very Poor
Cabin:Economy Class
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