About Airlikes

Airlikes.com is an independent, user-friendly, participatory and easy-to-browse website that collects air travel experiences of any kind. Airlikes covers travelers’ experience from the time they leave for the airport to the time they get to their final destination.
Airlines and airports are often the first step of a trip and an important part of the holiday’s budget but also often figure on the list of top traveler gripes.
Whether you had the flight from hell or one that restored your faith in air travel; whether you flew from the dreamed airport everyone is one day hoping to fly from or got stuck in overcrowded lobbies with unfriendly staff, Airlikes is the place where you can share your experiences with airlines and airports.
On Airlikes.com, you will be able to:
  • Read trusted reviews on hundreds of airlines and airports
  • Share your experience with other travelers of your best or worst flights
  • Find out which airlines earn high marks with passengers and which don’t
  • Search for the best flight and hotel fares with our powerful search engines
Airlikes.com was founded by Nicolas Pellier and is based in Paris, France.
Whether you email us or post on the site, we are always listening to your ideas and thoughts about the site, so don't be shy! We want to hear from you!